Tips For Talking To Your Family About Cremation

Deciding whether you want to be cremated or buried is a very personal decision. There are several good reasons to choose cremation over a traditional burial. Here are a few you can share with your family when you are discussing how to handle your passing.

Personal Preference

Some people may be horrified at the thought of having their bodies burned after death, but you may feel horrified at the thought of having your body buried underground. By explaining your feelings to your family, they may be more comfortable accepting your decision even if they wouldn't choose cremation for themselves. Rather than focusing on the act of cremation, help your family realize it makes you happy to think of your ashes being scattered at your favorite place on earth.

More Natural

It isn't necessary to be embalmed before you are cremated. This makes your passing from the earth a more natural experience. If you've lived an eco-friendly lifestyle, you may be offended at the thought of preserving your body through chemicals after you die. If you choose cremation, you can bypass being embalmed.

Services Optional

Your family may fear they won't be able to see you one last time by viewing your body at a funeral if you are cremated. However, you can have a traditional body viewing before you are cremated if that is what you desire. Your funeral service can be conducted in a traditional way too, especially if you choose to have your ashes buried in a cemetery. The funeral home you choose may allow your family to rent a casket for the viewing, so you won't have the added expense of buying one.

Saves Money

Planning your final arrangements in advance takes a lot of stress off your family, especially considering the cost of funerals and services. As mentioned, you can reduce the cost significantly by choosing cremation. No casket is necessary, and you won't have to pay for embalming. You can even organize your own memorial service and let your family keep your ashes so you don't have to pay for funeral services or a burial plot.

While cremation has become accepted by most people, it usually isn't the first option that comes to mind since burials are more traditional. So if it's your decision to be cremated once you're gone, then you should make arrangements in advance and make sure your family is aware of your wishes. You can do this by taking a family member with you to a local funeral home where you can learn about your options and plan on what to do with your remains. One funeral home you might want to look at is the J Allen Hooper Funeral Chapel.