Two Tips To Help You Select The Right Funeral Home

Whether you are detailing your own final wishes, or are in need of assistance because someone close to you has passed away, selecting the right funeral home can be a difficult process.  There are quite a few differences among funeral homes, including the procedures that they use, as well as the general "aura" of the funeral director and those working with them.  It's so important to make the right choice because failing to do so can cost you additional emotional grief and hit you or your loved ones in the pocket.  Use this information to learn more about what to look for in a funeral home so you can make the right decision.

Opt For A Funeral Home With An On-Site Crematory

During your search for a funeral home, one of the best ways that you can ensure that you're making a good choice is to select a facility that has an on-site crematory.  This is vital because the rates of burial versus cremation are projected to be virtually neck and neck for the year of 2015 throughout the states, with some states projected to have a greater percentage of people opting for cremation.  

When you choose a funeral home that lacks an on-site crematory, you may be hurting yourself financially. The funeral home workers will have to ship the body off to another location, as well as have the remains sent back to the originating facility.  This results in additional fees that will be passed on to you.

In addition, a funeral home that does not have a crematory in some ways suggest a facility that is behind the times.  It can somewhat be compared to a hospital that refuses to update its equipment so that it can be on the cutting edge of supply and demand.

Transparent Pricing Is Critical

Another important point to consider when selecting a funeral home is the amount of transparency that is shown to you when you are requesting information about the pricing.  Funeral homes are required to give General Price Lists (GPL) to anyone who requests them.  The GPL lists the basic prices for fees and services.  However, the transparency shouldn't stop there.

You want to select a funeral home that is completely upfront with you concerning the additional expenses that you are going to deal with as a result of the funeral process.  This may include incidentals such as bulletins and flowers, or charges for special requests that are a part of an individual's final wishes.

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