Choosing An Inscription For Your Loved One's Monument

Few things are as permanent as the inscription on a loved one's headstone. It is literally etched in stone for people to read for as long as the monument stands. If you're at a loss for choosing the appropriate final words for your friend or family member, here are some ideas to consider, from traditional to uniquely personal.

It Starts With a Blank Stone

You've selected a nice granite monument to be placed at the head of the grave. You can use both sides for the inscription. Typically, the person's last name appears by itself on the back of the monument, to make it easy for people to find it in the cemetery. On the front surface, the person's full name, birth date and date of death are inscribed. From there, you can use the space however you wish.

Some people choose to have nothing else on the headstone. Sometimes the right words or phrase are just hard to come by. This is your opportunity to leave a thought on the stone that will most often be read by strangers. With that inscription, they will know that the person buried there was a special and much loved individual.

Inscription Suggestions

Traditional - "Rest in Peace" or "Sadly Missed" convey a simple message of comfort for the deceased or a proclamation of grief that they are no longer here.

Favorite spiritual passage - "Forever With the Lord" or "Reunited" make a statement about the person's belief in something more after the body has passed way.

Favorite song reference - For the musically inclined, the phrase "She Was a Bridge Over Troubled Waters" tells people how others saw the person using song lyrics that they may have loved.

Favorite quote - A quote, such as from Ralph Waldo Emerson, "It is not length of life, but depth of life," can tell people reading it how the person saw their life.

Statement of character - You can inscribe something you might say to the person directly to convey how people saw them, such as "You Always Had a Helping Hand for Those Who Held Theirs Out to You."

An achievement - The inscription can include an achievement for which the person would like to be known, such as "Founder and Lifelong Supporter of the Second Chance Youth Home."

Hobby or favorite activity - You can share a passion that the person had through the inscription, such as "Gone Fishin' and Not Coming Back This Time."

Take the time to find the right final words to place on your loved one's headstone. They will remind visitors that this was a special person, loved by many.

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