How To Write An Obituary

A funeral can be an extremely stressful time for those people that have to plan the services. Writing an obituary can be extremely difficult for someone without a lot of writing experience. Here is a simple set of instructions on what information you need to include in an obituary so you can learn how to write one.

1 - Start by calling the local newspaper where you want the obituary to run and ask them when the deadline is you have to have it turned in to make it for print. Inquire about how many words an obituary is restricted to and then you know how many words you have to work with. Ask the representative at the newspaper if they send a final proof of the obituary before it runs, so you will have a chance to double check it for spelling and grammar before it runs in the paper. A general rule of thumb is that you want the obituary to run in the newspaper a full 24-48 hours prior the funeral service to allow people from out of town to make arrangements to attend or get the necessary time off work.

2 - You can begin writing the obituary by making a list of all the things that need to be included for someone that wants to attend the funeral. Make sure that you publish the name of the deceased, where the funeral service is being held, the address, date and time. These are the things that need to be published to get the word out and let the public know that a loved one or friend has passed away and where they can pay their respects.

3 - With the necessary information out of the way, you can include information that gives insight into what type of person the deceased was. Things to consider in this section include the name of the deceased's spouse or partner, names of children and grandchildren. You may also want to consider including a brief line about the person's interests or hobbies that helped define exactly who they were. Some people will attend the funeral out of respect for the friends and family of the deceased even if they didn't know the person that died.

4 - Make sure that you let people know if they can make donations on behalf of the deceased or if they can send flowers. Some people prefer donations over flowers as the money can be put to good use in the community verses flowers that will eventually wither and die.

If you have trouble writing an obituary, then you can consult with the funeral director at a local funeral home like Bolton & Lunsford Funeral Homes who can assist you in putting one together. They will be able to provide you with examples of obituaries or they can help you write it to make sure that nothing is left out.