Most Commonly Asked Questions About Cremation

Cremation is another way you can put your loved one to rest if they don't have to be buried in a cemetery or have a traditional funeral service. Cremation is much cheaper than traditional burial as you are not required to pay for a full casket, cemetery plot, or headstone at the grave site. Here is a list of some of the most commonly asked questions when discussing cremation with a funeral director.

Will The Body Need To Be Embalmed?

Embalming is not completely necessary when someone is being cremated, but if the body is being shown during a visitation for loves ones it will need to be embalmed. A body will not need to be embalmed if it is being picked up and then immediately cremated with no visitation or service for the family of any kind. The body will start to decompose rapidly without embalming fluid to preserve the body so the cremation must occur within a day or two of the person's passing. Be advised that any medical devices inserted into the body must be removed as there is the potential for them to explode if they are subjected to the extreme heat from cremation.

Is There A Service For the Scattering Of Ashes?

When the ashes are scattered there is typically a memorial service with friends and loved one can get together and share memories of the deceased. This is an informal affair or can be done with a religious official to say a few words as they spread the ashes and commit their loved one to the final resting place. The place where you scatter the ashes is completely up to the deceased or loved ones and can be done in a location that had significant meaning in the person's life or at a beautiful scenic backdrop.

Can We Save The Ashes?

The ashes are yours to do whatever you please with when they are delivered, and you can save them if you wish to have your loved ones close to you. Ashes are typically kept inside an urn that is stored at a safe location inside the home of a friend, family member, or loved one. Alternately, you can purchase a piece of jewelry from most funeral homes that is specifically designed to store a small portion of the ashes so that the loved one's remains can be worn with the person wherever they go.

If you have any questions about cremation it is advisable to sit down with a funeral director (like those at Foster-Warne Funeral Home) who can address all your questions and concerns.