Can I Postpone A Funeral?

A funeral can be delayed for many reasons. Sometimes, a funeral needs to be delayed because those who want to attend, such as friends and family members, may be unable to attend. Also, after a major tragedy, there may be several funerals being carried out in a small area and some of these funerals will be delayed. If a coroner needs to perform an autopsy because there is a suspected homicide, this can also lead to a funeral delay. There are some ways to delay a funeral, but there are limits to how long thanks to Mother Nature.

Problems with Postponing for Too Long

It is usually possible to postpone a funeral for a few weeks without any problems. However, if the body will be held for longer, this can become expensive as there are charges for continuing to hold the body. If the individual is to be cremated, he or she can be cremated right away and there can be a memorial service long after the individual was cremated.

Religious Factors

Religious considerations can sometimes interfere with how long you can wait before burying a loved one. For instance, if the individual will have a traditional Jewish burial, the body must not be embalmed. This will cause the body to decompose more quickly and it will usually be necessary to bury the body three days after death.

The State of the Body

The state of the body affects how quickly the remains must be buried. Depending on the cause of the death, the body might be badly damaged and may need to be buried quickly because there will be limitations on how much the body can be embalmed.

The Grieving Process

Still, it is ideal to have funerals sooner rather than later even if it is less convenient. Those who have just experienced a loss will be in need of comfort in their time of grieving, and having the individual honored several weeks later can make the grieving process more difficult. But as long as there are a lot of individuals there for the survivors, the process can be easier.

Accounting for Absent Family Members

If someone important is not able to attend a funeral and you are not able to put it off any longer, simply explain why the individual is not able to attend. If there is an understandable reason, such as the individual being in the hospital, most will understand. Include a notice somewhere in the funeral hall that explains the situation. For more information about this and other funeral topics, contact a professional like Elmwood Meunier Funeral Home.