How To Be A Voice At Your Own Cremation Services

Even if you are healthy and enjoying life at the present time, you may be one of the many people who have decided to plan your own cremation services. Here are some considerations that might inspire you to plan something memorable and special.

Consider Involving Your Loved Ones - Of course, the whole point of planning your own services is so that things will occur in the way you have planned. However, consider asking loved ones to share their wishes and their thoughts with you, as this will probably bring them peace of mind. In fact, they will probably be very grateful that you have taken the burden of planning from them. 

Plan The Service - It would be helpful if you would make a list so that you'll know that you have covered all of your bases.

  • While you won't need actual pallbearers to carry a coffin, think about asking close friends and family members to serve as honorary pallbearers. 
  • Consider those you would like to give the obituary and other talks. Because you don't know who will be present, consider getting back-up speakers. Consider asking your children and grandchildren to share memories they have of time spent with you.
  • Another idea is to write a letter that will be read at your cremation services. This is the perfect time for you to tell about your life, share your philosophies, bear testimony of the things you hold dear, and to express appreciation for those who have touched your life.
  • If you want music at your services, think about selecting favorite hymns, patriotic songs, instrumentals, or inspiring music to be performed. Perhaps you can select music that represents your culture. For example, if you are of Scottish descent, consider having somebody to play the bagpipes. If you come from a Mexican culture, consider requesting the performance of a mariachi band. 

A Display - Because you have decided to be cremated, some may find it difficult to feel closure without getting to say goodbye to an actual body. Consider arranging for a display that represents your life.

  • Photographs taken from the time of your birth through the time of your death would be a wonderful thing to include in the display. In fact, if they were placed in chronological order, this would in a sense tell the story of your life.
  • Consider including medals, trophies, certificates of achievement, and any other awards you have received. Even the sash that holds Boy Scout badges will be part of your life story.
  • Another good addition for the display will be objects that represent your occupation. For example, if you have served as an accountant, your calculator could represent that.
  • Think about sharing your hobbies. If you have been an artist, one of your paintings for the display would be a wonderful way to let everybody know of your love of art.

Be sure to document your wishes and to show those who are closest to you where all of the paperwork is kept. Make sure that payments made to the funeral home are included. Best wishes on planning your own cremation services, like those offered by Marine Park Funeral Home Inc.