The ABCs Of Picking Appropriate Music For Your Funeral

Planning your funeral in advance may not be one of those things that you look forward to in life, but making advance arrangements with the funeral home definitely has its perks. For one, you get the chance to ensure that your funeral service will be exactly what you want and no other loved one will be left trying to make decisions on your behalf after you are gone. Part of the planning process that involves a little more personality is easily choosing the music for the service. Choosing your funeral music can be somewhat thought provoking and reflective of your own personality, but there are a few simple rules to keep in mind.

Always pick more than one or two songs. 

Customarily, the funeral service will involve a few different points where music is included. During the initial visitation there is often soft music playing in the background. During the actual service, there may be a pause or two for a particular song and then, finally, when the service is complete and guests make their final rounds to say goodbye. So make sure you pick more than just one or two songs for the service. It is a good idea to build a list of several songs, taking the time to designate specific songs that should be played at pertinent points in the service. 

Be sure you keep in mind the impressions songs will make on your guests. 

The songs at a funeral may be about remembering your life, but they are also a part of the service that is directed at the people in attendance. Choosing a few songs that you have always liked is good, but pick songs that will make a good impression on the people at the funeral who are likely grieving. Stray away from songs that could come off as offensive or overly reminding of the fact that you have passed away. 

Create a list of songs that reflect different aspects of your life and include variation. 

To keep the funeral music from being too monotonous, try mixing in a few variations. Do this by including songs that are reflective of different areas of your life. If there is a particular song that you enjoyed when you were young, include it in the mix. Pick a song or two from a favorite classical composer and add them to the list. Even if you are primarily a fan of a specific type of music, throwing in a few others from different genres can help create a more complete collection for the service. 

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