4 Special Ways To Remember Your Little One

Losing a baby is a painful experience that no one is ever prepared to endure. If you've lost a baby, you're going to need time to grieve. You're also going to need to find ways to create lasting memories of your child. A special keepsake can help you preserve memories. It can be difficult to find the perfect keepsake, especially when you're grieving. Here are a few creative ways to create a lasting memory of your precious child.

Teddy Bears

Teddy bears can provide you with a special memory, especially if the teddy bear is made out of a piece of your child's clothing. Memorial teddy bears can be made out of a baby's onesie or pajamas. They can also be individualized with your little one's name. If you'd like, your little one's foot prints can painted on to the teddy bear's paws.

Keepsake Quilts

Keepsake quilts are another special way to create a lasting memory of your little one. Articles of clothing and baby blankets can be sewn together to create a keepsake quilt. This is an excellent way to ensure special clothing will not get lost over the years. Instead, they will remain in one special location for you to love. Keepsake quilts can be made out of clothing or small pieces of baby blankets.

Memory Gardens

What better way to provide a lasting memory than with a memorial garden. Find a quiet place in your yard and create a memorial garden for your little one. You can fill the garden with your favorite flowers. The flowers will fill your yard with beautiful blossoms to help you remember your little one. If you don't have a lot of space in your yard, you can create a container garden on your porch or patio.


If you'd like to include your friends and family members in the memorial service, you can create a lasting memory using balloons and forget-me-nots. Select balloons in your favorite color. Wrap forget-me-not seeds in tissue paper and attach them to the balloons.  During the memorial, allow your friends and loved ones to release the balloons. Once the balloons return to earth, the tissue paper will deteriorate, depositing the seeds nearby.

Nothing can replace the loss of a child. Small items that belonged to your little one can bring you comfort while you're grieving. The ideas provided here will help you create memories that you can cherish for a lifetime. Click here to read more.