Say More With Custom Memorial Grave Markers: Three Options To Consider

Grave markers can do more than just list the name of the dearly departed and the dates they lived and died. With custom memorial grave markers, you can honor your loved one's life by creating a lasting tribute to the way the person lived. If you want to create a custom tribute but are unsure of the available options, here are a few ideas you can use for inspiration.

Grave Marker Photos

Many grave marker companies employ artists who can take a favorite photo and transform it into a piece of art on the memorial marker. This could be a simple picture or your loved one, or it could be a picture of the person enjoying their favorite hobby. For example, someone who loved to play the guitar may have a picture of him or her playing etched on the grave marker. You can choose to have the image etched in stone, or it can be engraved on a bronze overlay for the marker. Ceramic markers let you add a full color image to the marker to create a stunning and lasting tribute.

Memorial Benches

Memorial benches offer an elegant way to honor your loved one. This type of marker sits over the grave and provides a place for loved ones to sit while they visit the cemetery. They are an excellent option for people who have lost a spouse or child and may want to visit the grave often to be close to their family member. You can use the back of the bench for the name, dates of birth and death, and any other customized information you wish to place on the marker. Some cemeteries may have rules about the size of markers you can place on a plot, so be sure to ask before you invest in this type of marker.

RFID Grave Markers

Advances in technology are changing even the tradition of memorial grave markers. Today, you can purchase markers with embedded RFID devices that let you record a message that can be played back by those visiting the grave. If you are pre-planning your funeral, this is an excellent option that lets you connect with future generations. You can also take recordings from loved ones who have already passed away and add them to the RFID device.

Memorial grave markers, from a location like An Thiel Monuments, provide a chance to give people a glimpse into your loved one's life, so consider all of the ways you can customize the marker to show his or her personality and spirit.