3 Reasons To Pre-Arrange Your Funeral

Planning your funeral prior to passing away is a great way to put your family at ease and allow you to feel more in control over your services. Pre-arranging funeral services is a growing practice in the US, with 66% of people wishing to plan their own funeral arrangements and 25% of people already having them done as of 2010. Your funeral can be prepared exactly to your specifications, from the type of flowers you want to whether music can be played at your funeral. Here are 3 reasons to pre-arrange your funeral and how it can benefit you and your family.

Financial freedom for family

The average funeral can cost up to $10,000 or more when you factor in the funeral home services, cemetery use, and other important aspects of planning a funeral. Often, this expense is passed on to grieving family members, who are forced to pay for your funeral out of their own pockets or out of what is left from your estate. You can save your family the financial burden of trying to plan a funeral while they are moving on with their lives by paying for your services in advance.

Planning according to your desires

You may have very specific desires when it comes to your funeral. You can have control over the specifics of your funeral by pre-arranging it. With your funeral director, you can decide whether you want to be cremated or have an open or closed casket, how you want the services to play out, and if you require graveside services. Your family won't have to guess your final wishes when you have everything covered in advance.

Savings you can enjoy now

The best part about pre-arranging your funeral is that the fees you pay today are still honored when you do pass on. This means that even as the average cost of a funeral and its accompanying arrangements grows with time, the amount you pay for your funeral will not change. You can enjoy the savings of a funeral by pre-paying for one now, which saves your estate a great amount of money due to price changes later.

There is a good reason why funeral pre-planning is growing among people across the US. When you arrange your own funeral in advance, you save your family a lot of financial and emotional burdens, as well as have control over how your final resting services will play out. You can speak to a funeral director from a company like the Ryan-Parke Funeral Home at any time about your desires when it comes to pre-arranging your own funeral services.