Tips For Penning A Memorable Note Of Thanks To Your Local Funeral Home

Following the death of an immediate family member, you can feel somewhat in a daze as you go through the process of planning the funeral. As challenging as this time can be, it's much easier when you partner with a reputable funeral home in your community. The funeral director and his or her staff understand the difficulty of the grieving process and will work alongside you and your family to handle as much as possible leading up to the funeral and during the ceremony itself. Just as it's polite to acknowledge those who attended the event with a note of thanks, you should also think about writing a note to the funeral home staff afterward. Here are some tips to follow.

Make It Personal

In an age in which many people send thanks via text message and email, your words will carry more impact in the handwritten form. Always send your thanks with a handwritten note, as this method makes your words more personal. For an added touch, address the note specifically to the people who helped you. Start with the name of the funeral director and then list the names of the other attendants; call the funeral home for this information, if necessary.

Start With Your Thanks

When writing a note of thanks, you don't need to have a preamble. Instead, start right away by explaining how thankful you are and what you're thankful for. For example, you could begin with something such as, "Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the care and help you provided after the passing of my husband. The attentiveness and respect you showed my family and our guests is something that I appreciated and that I will never forget."

Be As Specific As Possible

You can always emphasize your message of thanks by referencing some specific moments from the funeral itself or the planning process. The more specific you are, the less your note of thanks sounds like a form letter. For example, you could write, "I had such a hard time making decisions in the wake of David's passing, and your ability to gently guide me in the right direction greatly reduced my anxiety during this stressful time."

Restate Your Appreciation

Conclude your note of thanks by repeating how thankful you are for the funeral home staff's care during your time of need. If you're writing the note on behalf of your immediate family, it can be a nice touch to have each of the family members sign the note. While you can always mail the note, delivering it in person gives you a chance to express your thanks verbally.