Can You Have A Funeral If You Choose Cremation?

One of the biggest myths surrounding cremations is that you do not also have a funeral service. While some people make the decision not to have a funeral service in addition to a cremation service because it is cheaper, it doesn't mean you can't have one. Whether or not you have one really depends on the final wishes of the individual who has passed away.

You Can Still Have a Funeral

In many cases, people will still have a viewing and some will opt for open casket funerals. The body is cremated after the service concludes. While cremation is sometimes opted for because it is cheaper, the funeral service gives family members a way to say goodbye to their loved ones.

There are two types of funerals you can have: religious or non-religious. Most religions allow cremation funerals now, although some just prefer traditional burials and will have certain expectations afterwards.

After the service, the funeral is taken for committal. This is often wheeled behind a curtain but is sometimes lowered into another compartment of the funeral home or crematorium chapel.

Requirements for Burial

Some religions will have requirements after the cremation funeral. For example, Roman Catholics have the requirement that the ashes are buried afterwards. This is fairly common for individuals to give them and others somewhere to visit.

However, there are different options available if you don't want a religious service. A non-religious funeral service can be held and is usually a service of celebrant for the deceased.

Opt for a Memorial Service

Rather than a traditional funeral, you could opt for a memorial service instead. This can allow the body to be cremated as soon as possible, and then the ashes are placed in an urn. The urn is put at the front to give people something to focus on and say goodbye. This is sometimes opted for when family members would rather avoid the funeral service.

Another option is to have a memorial service between family members. This is unofficial and relaxed, sometimes within someone's home or at a neutral location. It could be the chance to scatter the ashes somewhere the deceased loved one wanted to be.

Opting for cremation does not mean a funeral is not an option. The best thing you can do is find time to discuss what your loved one's final wishes are before he/she passes away. If finances are a concern, it is also a good idea to speak to a funeral home director like those found at Thomas Funeral Chapels Inc about your options.