Planning A Funeral? Two Inquiries To Make So You Can Help Control The Costs

If you're in charge of the funeral planning for a loved one who has recently passed away, you have a lot on your plate.  You're likely dealing with the emotional as well as financial magnitude of your tremendous loss.  However, while you're planning the funeral, it's important for you to not let the particulars get past you.  Use this information to learn about two tips that can help you narrow down your selection when choosing a funeral home.

Ask About The Program

A funeral program is considered to be a keepsake for some people.  That's why it's so important for you to ask about whether or not they will do the program, and how much the cost will be.

You need to know what costs you're looking at if the funeral home is going to prepare the program.  Do they have someone on staff who can write up the obituary, or will you need to supply that yourself?  Also, is there a discounted rate if you write the obituary yourself, as opposed to having them do it?  These are things that can make a huge difference in the price and time factor, so it's important for you to know.

If you're planning the funeral and you're on a budget, ask the funeral director if they can do the original copy of the program, while you make the copies.  You may be surprised at the price difference that you receive if you're willing to go to a local print shop and make copies of the program yourself.

Inquire About Guest Limits

It's also important that you ask about any possible guests limits.  This is especially true if you are holding the funeral in the parlor of the funeral home, since overcrowding could result in extra fees.

Some funeral directors are willing to give you a flat fee regardless of how many people happen to show up for the service.  However, other funeral homes charge more money for overflow and standing crowds.  This could be because of the extra wear that will result from the extensive foot traffic.  It's vital that you know this going in so you won't have to deal with an unexpected bill later on.

Although you may be going though a troubling time, paying attention to the details can help make the road a lot smoother.  When you're planning a funeral for someone you love, keep these tips in mind so you'll know how to make the right funeral home selection.