Choosing To Cremate Your Loved One

Whether you are deciding on your own final wishes or handling the burial process for a loved one, it can be useful to avoid letting your decisions be swayed by some inaccurate assumptions concerning the cremation process.

Assumption: Cremated Remains Can Not Be Buried 

Some individuals may be under the impression that it is not possible to bury cremated remains. Often, this is due to the belief that these remains are always kept in a mausoleum, and while this is a popular option, it is entirely possible to arrange for cremated remains to be buried. In fact, many cemeteries will have portions dedicated to cremated individuals that are wanting a burial. These spots will be much smaller than standard burial plots, and they will use smaller monuments for the deceased. This is due to the fact that a full-sized coffin will often be unnecessary for these situations, which can be an important consideration for those that are limited in the budget they can dedicate to this process.

Assumption: It Will Be Extremely Difficult To Ship Cremated Remains

In some cases, a person may pass away relatively far from home. In these situations, it can be far more practical to arrange for the deceased to be cremated in the area where they passed away and then ship the cremated remains to where they will be laid to rest. Individuals are often surprised to learn that it is possible to ship cremated remains, but it is a routine process. In fact, there are specialized containers that can be used to keep the remains safe throughout the shipping process.

Assumption: A Cremation Service Will Be Too Costly

There are many instances where individuals are very limited on the funds that they have available for their loved one's burial and funeral ceremony. For those facing this dilemma, cremation can be among the more cost-effective solutions for meeting this need. These services will often have a significantly lower cost than a traditional burial due to the fact that urns are significantly more affordable than caskets, taking advantage of smaller lots in cemeteries and minimizing the amount of preparation that the body will need before being buried.

A funeral director will be able to assist you with estimating the total costs of the various burial options that are available, and this can be useful as you navigate the difficult process of paying respect to your loved one while also staying within your financial means.

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