3 Reasons To Pre-Arrange Your Funeral

Planning your funeral prior to passing away is a great way to put your family at ease and allow you to feel more in control over your services. Pre-arranging funeral services is a growing practice in the US, with 66% of people wishing to plan their own funeral arrangements and 25% of people already having them done as of 2010. Your funeral can be prepared exactly to your specifications, from the type of flowers you want to whether music can be played at your funeral.

Hosting A Virtual Funeral: Three Things To Know

When your family is scattered throughout the country, arranging a funeral for a loved one can be difficult. Virtual funerals offer one way to bring the whole family together without requiring everyone to travel to the funeral. If you are considering this option, here are a few things you should know. Live Streaming And Recording Hosting a virtual funeral means that the funeral services are streamed online for friends and relatives around the world to see.

Say More With Custom Memorial Grave Markers: Three Options To Consider

Grave markers can do more than just list the name of the dearly departed and the dates they lived and died. With custom memorial grave markers, you can honor your loved one's life by creating a lasting tribute to the way the person lived. If you want to create a custom tribute but are unsure of the available options, here are a few ideas you can use for inspiration. Grave Marker Photos

Three Ways To Make A Conventional Burial More Eco-Friendly

Eco-friendly cemeteries are starting to catch on but there are still only a few of them in the United States. So what should you do if you want to plan for an eco-friendly burial but don't live near enough to a green burial location? Transportation may not be the answer, since burial must take place within just a few days unless you choose embalming. So if you decide that a green burial location isn't feasible but you still want a traditional burial, there are a few ways you can work within the confines of that tradition to lessen the environmental impact involved.

4 Special Ways To Remember Your Little One

Losing a baby is a painful experience that no one is ever prepared to endure. If you've lost a baby, you're going to need time to grieve. You're also going to need to find ways to create lasting memories of your child. A special keepsake can help you preserve memories. It can be difficult to find the perfect keepsake, especially when you're grieving. Here are a few creative ways to create a lasting memory of your precious child.