5 Tips For Attending A Funeral Of A Friend For The First Time

If you will be attending your first funeral soon, you may feel more comfortable if you are familiar with some basic funeral etiquette. New situations can inherently feel awkward; these tips will help alleviate your feelings of awkwardness over attending your first funeral and will help you focus on the emotional side of the event. #1 Where To Sit Generally, immediate family members will sit in the first row or two.

Choosing Pet Cremation

If you are considering pet cremation, you may be wondering exactly how the process works. Here is a guide to pet cremation services and how they work.  Who Does Pet Cremation? Many cremation services will accept pet remains as well as human remains. Check with your cremation facility for quotes on how much the process will cost; larger animals will take longer to cremate, and so they may be more expensive.

What To Expect When Planning A Funeral

Planning a funeral can be very difficult, as family members are typically mourning the loss of their loved one. But knowing what to expect can make the funeral planning process slightly less overwhelming. The following steps usually need to be taken in the days after death to plan a person's funeral: Contact Funeral Home After a person passes away, the first thing that you need to do is contact a funeral home.

4 Tips For Saving Money On A Traditional Funeral

It's automatically assumed by many that a traditional funeral will cost far too much money. The truth is there are many ways to save money on a traditional funeral. And no, you don't have to sacrifice having a good funeral by cutting out a few extraneous costs. Here are some ways you can save money on a traditional funeral. 1. Skip the Embalming Process Despite what you think, embalming is rarely a necessary process.

3 Reasons To Pre-Arrange Your Funeral

Planning your funeral prior to passing away is a great way to put your family at ease and allow you to feel more in control over your services. Pre-arranging funeral services is a growing practice in the US, with 66% of people wishing to plan their own funeral arrangements and 25% of people already having them done as of 2010. Your funeral can be prepared exactly to your specifications, from the type of flowers you want to whether music can be played at your funeral.